Excellent Bicycle Repair, Tune-Up, and Other Services

Just like automotive vehicles, a bicycle needs regular checkup and maintenance. You must ensure that its brake is working perfectly, its chain is lubricated, and its tires have the right pressure. This way, you can extend the life span of your bike and ensure a smooth ride.

In case your bike is getting harder to operate than usual, depend on Cyclepath London. Our team offers reliable solutions to problems concerning bicycles.

Basic Tune-Up Services

If you just want us to check the current condition of your bike and perform a simple tune-up, this service is for you.

Full Tune-Up Services

Do you want a bike expert to inspect your bicycle bearings and make sure that your wheels are in great condition? Take advantage of this service.

  • Flat Tire Repair Services

    For thorough tire repair services, drop by our shop in London, ON. Our team can fully inspect the tire and rim. We will find and remove any debris that may have caused the flat. Additionally, we would replace the inner tube of the flat tire.

    Duration: 15 Minutes
    Price: $17.95 (Tube Included)


  • Spoke Replacement Services

    Spokes can greatly affect the performance of your bicycle. If there are broken ones, our team will replace them with quality spokes from DT Swiss.

    Duration: Varies
    Price: $24.95 + $1.25 per spoke

  • Headset/BB Bearing Replacement Services

    You can rely on our team to expertly replace and lubricate the headset or bottom bracket bearings of your bicycle.

    Duration: Varies
    Price: $24.95

  • Hydraulic Brake Bleed Services

    Different hydraulic brake systems require varied bleeding procedures. To ensure that the process will be properly executed, depend on us.

    Duration: One hour
    Price: $24.95 Each


    • A Full Flush of the System
    • Fluid Replacement Using Premium OEM Brake Fluid
    • Full Brake Adjustment